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A house doesn’t truly become a home until it has furnishings, and Maurice’s Furniture offers the very best in custom furniture Jupiter. Lasting quality and beauty are words commonly used to describe the antique replications and other custom furniture built at Maurice’s production facility located in Florida. Skilled craftsmen produce cherished furniture there, at one of the few remaining solid wood furniture production facilities in the U.S. Gorgeous custom-made furniture from Maurice’s will add elevated charm to any home.

Distinctive Furnishings

There is something more valuable in furniture that possesses special characteristics such as rarity, uniqueness, timelessness, quality workmanship, or historical value. Maurice’s Furniture builds every piece of furniture with discernment and care. We are proud to build our custom projects with reclaimed wood. Maurice himself has traveled the globe to hand-select reclaimed timber for particular projects. Adding the perfect touch to a room may be achieved with custom designed and built furniture, and Maurice’s offers custom dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, sideboard tables, armoires, wall units, bookcases, servers, television consoles, desks, and other miscellaneous items.

Reclaimed Wood

Custom furniture Jupiter built with reclaimed wood is beautiful, durable, and full of character and warmth. New timber can’t match the magnificent qualities in reclaimed timber. Maurice’s Furniture specializes in building extraordinary furniture, and the following are attributes of reclaimed timber that make it the material of choice.

Quality – Reclaimed wood is much in demand from designers and builders because professionals can deeply appreciate its numerous outstanding qualities and its value. Much of the timber obtained from historical structures such as barns and homes was originally virgin growth timber. It was, in other words, untouched by man for centuries. The wood, therefore, possesses greater strength, density, and durability than new growth timber. A benefit of using antique wood for building custom tables, bookcases, desks, and other furniture is that it is far less susceptible to damaging effects of temperature changes and moisture. Reclaimed timber is also dry, and it doesn’t tend to warp, shrink, or twist nearly to the extent common to new wood.

Historical Significance – There is valuable historical significance in every piece of reclaimed wood. Whether from a mill, factory, or church in the U.S. or Europe, antique timber possesses character and provides numerous economic and environmental benefits. When you have a custom armoire, desk, or dining table made with reclaimed wood, for instance, the item restores a piece of history. Some varieties of reclaimed timber are no longer available from natural growth. In addition, rural economies providing access to reclaimed timber are supported.

The Environment – There are several important environmental benefits to using reclaimed timber. Helping to preserve forests, keeping eco-systems intact, and reducing the demand for virgin timber are among the advantages. Less impact is made on the environment, since processes such as felling, transporting, and processing new timber are eliminated.

Beauty – No two pieces of reclaimed wood are alike and yet they all have one thing in common: beauty. Each type of wood has its own stunning qualities. Whether your custom furniture from Maurice’s is made with reclaimed heart pine, antique oak, or reclaimed chestnut, cypress, hickory, or Douglas fir, it will be rich in texture and color.

Maurice’s Extraordinary Custom Furniture

With custom furniture Jupiter from Maurice’s Furnishings, you can fill your home with cherished pieces of distinctive beauty and character. Call us today at 561-747-4539 to learn more.