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Maurice’s Old World Furniture West Palm Beach, Florida

There is nothing better than finding a gorgeous piece of furniture for your home. Furniture tells a story about your style and taste and is a reflection of your personality. Make your home shine with the beautiful masterpieces that you can find only at Maurice's Olde World Furnishings in West Palm Beach, Florida and  surrounding Palm Beach County. 

custo-kitchens-north-palm-beachThere are endless choices for tasteful furniture in West Palm Beach, Florida when you shop at Maurice's. Discover both indoor and outdoor furniture to give your entire home a cohesive look and feel. You may also choose imported furniture for a truly unique interior design approach.

When decorating your indoor spaces, Maurice's has it all. Design your kitchen with one-of-a-kind cabinets. You can choose from almost any kind of wood and complement it with almost any stain to get the exact appearance you want. The exquisite detail in the woodwork will set your home apart from all the others. Kitchen islands are another option. Pick a simple yet elegant design for your island, or perhaps an intricate, ornate, carved piece to complement the rest of your custom cabinetry. Choose your dining room table as well and once you have decided on a table, explore the many options for chairs. Depending on your table style, you can choose upholstered chairs in a few different fabric choices; simple wooden chairs with rustic wrought iron frames; or classy bar stools to accommodate your breakfast bar or island. Make the most popular room in the house the most talked about room in the house. The possibilities are endless for your dream kitchen.

living-room-furnitureAfter glorifying your kitchen, carry your enthusiasm through to the living room. Find ornate coffee tables made from gorgeous knotty wood and finished to perfection. Or choose end tables that have a wrought iron accent piece. If you prefer the rustic style, choose a distressed wood table. Maurice's Olde World Furnishings West Palm Beach, Florida has a wide variety of coffee tables that range in sizes and styles to accommodate every customer. Add a few stunning bookcases to your living room for your favorite book collection along with family photos and souvenirs from your travels. Your living room will be the envy of the neighborhood.

For rough and durable slip covers for both indoor and outdoor furniture, check out the numerous collections at The website has quite the list of featured items, but be sure to visit the showroom for items not listed on the site.

If you are searching for a truly eclectic piece, peruse the wide array of imported furniture from Maurice's. You will find dressers, nightstands, accent furniture, bookcases, and tables to suit your style.

The Jonkers traveled from Holland to America, bringing their incredible talent for furniture making with them. This family of hard workers has been producing exceptionally beautiful home furniture for decades. The business is still family owned and operated and each product is built with quality and care from start to finish. For questions or orders, you can contact Maurice's Olde World Furniture at 561-747-4539 and speak with a friendly customer service representative or visit them at 950 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458.

Beautiful Custom Furniture & Cabinetry

custom furniture and cabinetry

It is true, you will pay more for custom furniture & cabinetry. However, the extra money that you spend will be well worth it in the long run. Most furniture buyers who are discerning realize the many advantages to having their furniture custom-built. They want to get exactly what they pay for, they will not compromise.

If you have never purchased custom furniture & cabinetry in West Palm Beach before you should ask yourself some of the following questions. Have you ever seen a piece of furniture that you like but the stain or finish was not exactly what you wanted? Or perhaps there were a few minor alterations that would have made a piece of furniture perfect for your living room, bedroom or other areas of your home.

Another question that may come to mind is do you have an area in your home that requires a custom piece of cabinetry or furniture? This is quite common in homes that were built years ago. Builders at that time often build homes on the fly, designing the house as it was being constructed. This meant that there were many odd shaped nooks, corners, and crannies. These areas require custom-designed pieces of furniture.

Another question that you may consider is whether you require a piece of furniture to match existing pieces of furniture that you already have in your home. Maybe you have searched and searched through various furniture outlets but have never been able to find a match. This is when a custom designed piece of furniture that matches the existing furniture would do the trick.

The most obvious benefit for choosing custom furniture & cabinetry is that you do not have to make any compromises. You have total control over every aspect of that piece of furniture. You decide on the style, size, wood species, trim or molding details, upholstery, hardware, and finish. This will all be in your control when you choose custom designed furnishings.

There will also be a high degree of satisfaction in knowing that you helped to design the furniture in your home. Your custom-designed furniture will be built with better techniques and materials. This type of furniture will last you and your children for a long time. Generation after generation of your family members will be able to enjoy these soon to be furniture heirlooms.

When young couples first begin their family life together they purchase furniture that is inexpensive because of lack of money and a child’s ability to break all things. Once the children have grown and left the home, the husband and wife switch to top-quality cabinetry and heirloom quality furniture.

At this point in their life they have realized that you get exactly what you pay for. They also learn to appreciate finer things that are of higher quality. They want to purchase items that will stand the test of time, items that they will be able to appreciate and cherish. For this and many other reasons, discerning people will always purchase custom made cabinetry and furniture whenever it is possible.

Click here or call Maurice's Furnishings at 561-747- 4539 for more information on custom furniture and cabinetry.