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Maurice’s Furnishings Can Build A Custom Kitchen For You

One of the nicest things you can ever do when it comes to your home's interior is to update your kitchen with custom made cabinetry. Pieces that are crafted with care and are unique to your design and vision become works of art that are not only useful, but great to look at. And although the cost is greater on the front end, the return on your investment is years of pleasure as you live in your home and higher resale value when you decide to move. Society as a whole is moving more and more toward the thought that people want a unique experience with every facet of their lives - custom cabinetry or furniture fits that bill perfectly.

Asheville-Kitchenette-01In the West Palm Beach area, there is one name in the custom furniture and cabinetry industry that stands out among the others and that is Maurice's Furniture. With craftsmen that build pieces from the ground up to the specifications of their clients, the cabinets and islands they create are a testament to how unique and beautiful a kitchen can truly be. So many options are available for finishes, stains and paints, not to mention hardware and configurations that really work for the cook who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

You can take the dimensions of your room and appliances, then work with the team at Maurice's to fit in the storage options you want for your room. Do you not want to see the refrigerator sticking out like a sore thumb? Custom finished doors are the answer and Maurice's can make this happen - in fact it is one of the most commonly requested items for a custom kitchen. Even those huge Sub-Zero or Wolf refrigerators and freezer combinations can be accommodated.

If you've seen a particular style or two and like elements of both, but not all of one or the other, the design team at Maurice's can make that vision of yours a reality. That is the true measure of their craftsmanship - the ability to take an idea and execute it so that the client loves it from first sight. Nothing is more satisfying to the team at Maurice's Furnishings than to see that first reveal when the client sees their pieces complete and in place.

Maitland-01jThe satisfaction factor then belongs to the client as they get ooohs and ahhhhs every time they have friends or family over and to do some entertaining. It never fails to give a home owner and kitchen enthusiast a thrill - that jealous little sigh. And that right there can make the extra front end costs of the customization worth it all. You, the client, got to control each step of the process from idea, to design, to construction, to finishing with Maurice's team working with you every step of the way to execute your ideas perfectly.

It is no mistake that in the West Palm Beach area, Maurice's Furnishings is the name residents speak first when the subject of custom kitchen cabinets comes up - they are simply the best. Please stop by to visit their beautiful showroom at 950 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL or contact them at 561-747-4539 to schedule an appointment to begin creating your dream kitchen.

Maurice’s Customizes Imported Furniture To Create One-of-a-kind Pieces

One of the things that home owners treasure is the ability to have a one-of-a-kind experience in their living spaces. No one wants a cookie-cutter look in their home, where if you leave your house and go to a friend's you see the same furniture, the same wall color, and the same appliances. We want variety and we want to be unique - it is part of the human condition.

Furniture-Store-Palm-BeachMaurice's Furnishings in the West Palm area understands this and that is one of the reasons they import furniture from Europe and places abroad, bringing unique lines or pieces back to the U.S. for discerning individuals who are wanting that singular experience in their furnishings. You can build an entire room around a single, beautiful chair – just like an interior design professional. And making that gorgeous piece the focal point of the room actually makes decorating easier because you have a definite theme. Nothing brings quite as much pleasure to a home owner than to see a room come together around a treasured piece.

This is another reason that Maurice's Furnishings in the West Palm Beach area brings imported furniture to America - it gives you so many more options than you would originally have had. Some of the types of imported furniture available from Maurice's include dining tables, coffee and end tables, sideboards, chairs, benches and stools, vanities, servers and TV consoles, cabinets and glass hutches, bookcases, dressers, nightstands, accessories like light fixtures, mirrors, pictures and detail pieces and so much more.  Then, they can take these pieces and customize the finish to blend with your color scheme.

Say you found the perfect coffee table and end tables plus a console for your living room, but the only thing is that they just aren't the right color or finish as you envision your room. Maurice's can customize that color and finish to your exact specifications and apply it to those imported pieces and all of a sudden you have furniture that no one would ever be able to match in a million years - completely unique.

CB3C-42398And it is not only colors and finishes that can be accomplished by the craftsmen at Maurice's. You could find that great coffee table but need it at least a foot longer than it originally comes. This can be customized for you as well - those same craftsmen can take that piece and add in a foot of length to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table that no one could duplicate.

This talent for finding beautiful imported furniture whether you like it as is or totally customized to suit your tastes and/or room dimensions, makes Maurice's Furnishings itself completely unique in the industry. They pick out the right pieces to import and then offer their services should the customer want to make any of the pieces theirs and theirs alone. It is something that is not offered many other places in the U.S., and Maurice's Furnishings just about has the market cornered when it comes to this type of customization on imported furniture. Come by and visit their showroom in Jupiter in the West Palm Beach area (950 Jupiter Park Drive) to visit their showroom filled with wonderful pieces, or browse their website at for even more ideas.

Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From?

There is nothing like a good story. We love to hear a great love story with a romantic ending. We love stories that are unique and passionate and one-of-a-kind. Nothing is as captivating as a story that draws us in and speaks to each individual on their own level. That must be one of the fascinations with reclaimed wood and what is made from it in a next iteration.

west palm beach reclaimed wood furnitureReclaimed wood is lumber that has had a former life as something other than what it is now serving as or intended for. There are actually many sources of reclaimed wood around the country, and you probably pass some of these sources every day as you travel to and from your workplace. Barns are one of the best sources of reclaimed wood anywhere around - especially old barns that are still standing after many, many years of use and/or disuse. The timbers in these old barns have stood the test of time, they have a weathered patina that can't be reproduced, and they are sturdy reminders of a time gone by. These barns have stories to tell and secrets to whisper to us when they are reclaimed and made into flooring or siding or furniture or cabinetry - showing off that age-earned patina in a new setting where it is loved for exactly what it is - useful and beautiful still.

wpb reclaimed woodOther sources of reclaimed wood are standing in just about every city in the country as well - industrial areas with buildings that used timber inside for either flooring or structure. Old wineries or breweries where alcohol was kept in wooden casks - sometimes huge in size, and old vertical plank water tanks of old. These pieces have another type of patina that came from the liquids they held - something so unique it, too, can't be reproduced with any accuracy.

Timbers from railroad ties, and those old crooked wooden fences you see scattered here and there in the countryside are other sources of reclaimed wood. They are usually used in window frames, furniture or other pieces where quantity isn't a factor like it would be for flooring. Another exceptional source for reclaimed wood is from trees that have died naturally but remained standing. These trees dry out as they stand and create lumber that doesn't twist or warp like green wood would do.

maurices reclaimed wood wpbNo matter where the reclaimed wood comes from, it reminds us that we can be environmentally friendly in sourcing it for further use as something new. We have just participated in something sustainable that benefits our world. Maurice's Furnishings in West Palm Beach loves to take reclaimed wood and create stunning pieces of custom furniture or cabinetry that brings out the best features of those historic pieces - helping them tell their story of past lives without saying a word.

Any way you cut it, reclaimed wood is a wonderful way to populate your home with something old as something new and useful into the future. If this appeals to you, contact Maurice's Furnishings at 561-747-4539 and see what they have to offer for your home with their reclaimed wood pieces.